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yagotaluv_rozii's Journal

I lifted my head up, looking at Brendon. Tears were staining his cheeks; his face was red. Brendon being slightly younger and, to me, more fragile than I made this harder.

Another nod of permission from him and I pulled out some, another gasp escaping his lips. What made this so pleasurable for me was not the fact that his muscles were tight around my cock. It was the fact that I was finally inside of him, sharing that piece of me that was more personal than anything. And he was the only one I wanted to share it with. I didn't even realize that I'd been pulling out and pushing back in him until he moaned, loudly. I had hit his prostate not even thinking about it. His hips bucked up, violently, and he made to grasp my hips once again. I pulled out all the way and pushed back in, harder. Brendon let out a guttural moan which sounded half pained/half pleasured. My elbows were giving out on me, so I grabbed his upper arms, and started to go faster.

theres not much 2 say about me but my favorite song is "theres a good reason these spammers are numbered alex you just havent figured it out yet" and "Spamisado" by panic! at the disco.
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